ANNA WIDÉN / arkiv
Alappuzha, Backwaters, Kerala, INDIA  photography 2010
2009 - 2010






In this indeed exotic area we were lucky to find a homestay on a small island in the backwaters.
To reach the town of Alappuzha we walked on small paths, passing by households and farming areas, crossing several canals on small bridges or logs. To manage the last big canal we catched
the neighbourhoods own ferry, which was a narrow boat operated with a pole by an old man.

From the homestay we could watch all kinds of activity taking place right outside in the canal.
Local ferries, big tourist boats, fishermen and women rowing their kids to school. A lot of different kinds of kingfishers, cormorants and other birds could be seen at a close distance. In the late even-
ings there were often thunder far away and lightnings that created spectacular graphic images among the rich vegetation.

The photos are from the island and from a daytrip with rowing boat around the neighbourhood.

myboat mirror boatpark skarv ricefield
neighbour neighbour bay school cat
templetree veg smallboat kingfisher rowing