ANNA WIDÉN / arkiv
Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala, INDIA  photography 2009 - 2010
2009 - 2010






Chinnar Wild Life Sanctuary took us into the deep vegetation and old culture of the forest and grasslands. We were constantly warned by the locals of wild elephants. We didn´t meet any but during the night that we spent high up in a watch tower we could hear them roar at a distance.
We came close to several other animals, like monkeys of course but also wild pigs, deer, birds and butterflies. Our tribal guide had a deep connection with nature and a great ability to share his knowledge even though he did not speak much english. Together with him fear of snakes or deadly poison from plants was simply not there.

The photos are taken in two different areas of the sanctuary. The skin held is from a cobra and the butterflies was told to be very rare. One photo shows a detail from a temple situated under a tree beside a small stream. But the most spectacular sight was the full moon the night we spent outside.

cobraskin cloud cactus grassland monkey
spidernet fruits moon nurse spidernet
monkey temple butterfly watchtower guide