ANNA WIDÉN / arkiv
Kanthaloor, Kerala, INDIA  photography  2010
2009 - 2010






From the crowded and busy town of Munnar we drove all the way up to Kanthaloor with rickshaw.
It took nearly four hours and it was a stunning trip. The winding road went up and down the surrealistic landscape of tea plantations. The mist created mysterious views and sometimes it blocked the sight. In the late afternoon we arrived in Kanthaloor.

Situated among high mountains the rich valley is scattered with farming plots of sugar, rice, fruits and vegetables. Beacuse of the high altitude (around 1.000 m) the climate is very pleasant.
As elsewhere in India the small villages in the area are full of curious children running around to explore what is going on. In Kanthaloor Hege and me got our first cricket lesson in the fields, which was about time after all those days spent in India!

The strange yellow thing is a jack fruit that grew in the backyard of our homestay. There was also a birds nest hanging in another tree - made of straw woven into a fascinating sculpture.

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