ANNA WIDÉN / arkiv
Kolukkumalai, Idukki District, Kerala / Tami Nadu, INDIA  photography  2010
2009 - 2010






The Kolukkumalai Tea Estate is the highest tea plantation in the world situated at an altitude of
6.500 - 8.000 feet in Tamil Nadu. To reach it we travelled through different tea estates up a steep jumpy road by jeep from Munnar in Kerala. The mist covered the hills and the area around the factory was thick with a characteristic white light.

The visit was like stepping into a film set. The old fashioned machines were impressive and the workers proudly explained how they manufactured their own spare parts to be able to run the process with the same equipment since the factory established in 1930.

road taxi sign load storage
teapot tea teaworker teaworkers worker
machines window grades bowles blackboard