ANNA WIDÉN / arkiv
Friends in Saur and Sankri, Uttarakhand, INDIA  photography 2009
2009 - 2010






People photographed in Saur and the surrounding area. Youths are performing local dances and posing with great attitude. Small school kids are staring at Hege, who is playing the violin. Our hosts Kamla and Balbeer, with their relaxed smiles, and their daughter Neelam by the common water tap.
The dignity of old women and men, the tailor, the drummer and the father of Balbeer. Running kids
at the temple area.

To me they all look like professionals in front of the camera. The act of being photographed seems to be the most natural thing. I wish I had that confidence myself.

local kamla skola family awtmukh
ponam tailor drummer farfar neelam
sister running gummor skola fatherson