ANNA WIDÉN / arkiv
Saur, Uttarakhand, INDIA  photography 2009
2009 - 2010





womens hands

The gaze of these women scared me the first time I visited the village. I felt as if I was powerless and without any life experience. They were all sovereign and to me it seemed to be in an almost supreme way. I am honored to be looked upon as a friend and to be allowed to take their portraits. Their strong presence is one of the most beautiful moments I have experienced while travelling in India.

The women are farmers in the village Saur in Himalaya. They work very hard, carrying loads of weight on their backs up and down the steep landscape. They produce their own grains and vegetables and raise animals for milk and wool. They cook, wash clothes, clean and give birth to children. With this backdrop their proud appearence simply knocks me down. I have nothing to say even though my inner feminist screams for justice.

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