ANNA WIDÉN / arkiv
Varanasi, INDIA  photography 2009
2009 - 2010






What to say about this place? There is one time before and one time after visiting Varanasi. Before I asked the obvious questions about cremation and the religious focus on Ganges. After I dont really know if I got a single answer but my experiences are now my own confusion. Varanasi is caotic and calm, beautiful and dirty, annoying, exciting, tiering and amazing.

We spent a week by the Ganges, with long walks up and down the stairs of the ghats, got lost in the narrow streets of the old town and made the obligatory boat trip to get the famous view of the town from the sacred river. All the same activities as all tourists do. Sometimes I think both the tales of this place and the actual impact it made on me, crumble the memory itself. What I can recall is a feeling of numbed thoughts and exhaustion.

buffel boatboy krishna sol terass
dhobighat asna bygg betsel boatman
dhobiwallah gubbe goats dhobiland boatland